Alternative Child Care Services

Legal Adoption Services

Legal Adoption is a socio-legal process of providing a perpetual family to a child whose parents have voluntarily or involuntarily relinquished their parental authority over the child. It enables a child who is declared legally available for adoption to benefit from family life and become a permanent member of a family who can give the child love, protection and opportunities for growth and development.

When a child’s biological family is unable to care for them, Foster Care enables every child to receive provisional care and experience a loving and nurturing family life from a licensed foster family on a temporary basis, until a permanent placement by either family reunification or adoption is arranged for the child.

Foster Family Care

Case Management Services

Child Health Development

Under the Child Health Case Management, medical interventions are given based on health/ immunization requirements and recommendation by licensed medical professionals. Each child receives complete physical and dental examination on a regular basis. Monitoring progress allow any gaps to surface and symptoms caught early on may be treated and prevented from escalating.

It is essential that each HCFI child becomes physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. The Holistic Child Growth Case Management integrates development milestones in all these areas with health results to ensure that the children are reaching their maximum growth potential and that they are given the proper environment and interventions to achieve their development goals.

Holistic Child Growth Monitoring