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Home Life & Values Formation Program

A child under the care of a shelter is provided its survival needs that includes food, water, clothing, and hygiene needs. These will nourish the child’s physical needs that is essential to his/her development and security.

The Homelife program of HCFI, as part of its nurturing care values the presence of play and leisure, thus providing stimulating activities that contributes to a child’s development. These and alongside the family care that HCFI is giving will secure a nurturing environment and contribute to the potential of its children.

Child Health Program

Medical interventions are essential to making each HCFI child to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. This can be achieved thru securing that all HCFI children are given complete physical and dental examination upon admission, prior to discharge, and as required based on the child’s health condition.

Appropriate medical interventions are given according to the child’s requirements and based on recommendations by licensed medical professionals.

Bridge and Formal Education Program

Access to education is a basic right of a child towards development and participation. HCFI believes that thru its education programs, HCFI children’s cognitive and learning skills will progress making them independent and transformed.

Community Engagement Program

To achieve sustainable outcomes and donor support, it is essential to have positive social and environmental impact. HCFI’s Community Engagement Program involves working collaboratively with and through local neighborhood groups as well as local government units. Primary collaboration format is usually through partnerships or sponsorships. Regular activities organized by HCFI are the Bridge & Formal Education with Feeding Programs and the annual Christmas Outreach.