Our Team

Pamela V. de Veyra

Executive Director

Pam leads the development and implementation of strategies focused on achieving the Foundation’s specific goals and objectives to reach its ultimate vision and mission. She leads the Executive Management Team and works closely with the Board of Trustees and its committees. Pam also manages the Foundation’s operational systems and processes, and the development of appropriate and effective policies.

Jeffrey T. Ruaza, RSW

Program Director

Jeff plans, coordinates, and oversees the implementation of the programs and activities of the Foundation, ensuring their timely accomplishment and adherence to regulatory standards. He develops and designs child care development programs essential to HCFI’s operation and in meeting its mission and goals. Jeff also oversees the operations of the My Happy Home residential Facility.

Reuben James Barrete

Marketing & Communications Director

RJ leads the marketing and communications efforts of Happy CHILD Foundation, Inc. nationally and globally. He oversees the development and dissemination of key messages and develops strategies to engage supporters, partners, stakeholders and the media.

Catherine C. Reyes

Admin Manager

Kathie monitors and procures needed supplies for office, reception, mailroom, and during events and activities. She works closely with management and staff to accomplish the day-to-day admin needs of the organization.

Atty. Kyra Kaye B. Diola

Corporate Secretary & Compliance Officer

Kyra is responsible for the preparation and filing of the Foundation’s regulatory requirements as well as the organization and management of Board of Trustees’ meetings. She also assists the departments in various transactions and documentation to protect the Foundation and ensure compliance with applicable laws.


Saleah Joy S. Uclusin, RSW

Program Officer

Saleah assists in preparing documents for meetings, presentation slides and proposals, drafts reports, and creates zoom links for virtual meetings. She is responsible for the overall internal coordination of the team.

Cherrie Marie B. Lacsi

Finance Manager

Cherrie oversees and supervises the financial and operational accounting functions, preparing of financial reports and managing budgets of the Foundation. Cherrie is also tasked with handling BIR-related filings and submissions.


Doreen Faye V. Casuga, CPA

Accounting Manager

Doreen supervises and coordinates the accountancy of the Foundation in compliance with Philippine Financial Reporting Standards and the Foundation’s policy to provide reliable and transparent information on the use and allocation of the resources of the Foundation.

Julie Ann C. Ador Dionisio

Finance & Accounting Associate

Julie assists the finance and accounting department with data entry, processing and recording of transactions, preparing budgets and reimbursements. She also coordinates with the banks and ensures proper filing and safekeeping of financial documents.